Is Rock Dead?

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Why aren't the under 30s listening to rock in large numbers?  Rock music hasn't evolved in very interesting ways in the last twenty years. There may be some bands that are both melodically interesting and innovative in the way that Radiohead was, but I don't know who the hell they are, and I listen to a lot of music. Also, rock music seems to have lost the battle of the lyric to both hip hop and innovative pop music.

Billie Eilish

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Every once in a while this culture vulture finds talent and perhaps more than talent in places where I might never have looked even a few years ago. The ability to discern outcrops in the cultural landscape has been transformed by technology -- we can see so much farther and so much more clearly without ever leaving our computer cockpit.  Since it is an article of faith with me that creativity at the highest levels is an inexplicable enigma and can crop up anywhere at any time, this extended vision is a wonderful thing. Thanks to the [...]