The Future of No Work

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The Future of (No) Work - Part 2 Why a Universal Basic Income is Inevitable The video below, Humans Need Not Apply by CGP Grey is and should be, disturbing to those who absorb its well-presented facts and arguments. As I said in Part 1 - The Future of Work, we are certainly not prepared for the looming decimation of wage work it shows us, and we need to be. I am somewhat comforted by my historical frame of reference.  Wage work has only been intimately connected with our sense of self-worth [...]

Streamlining with UBI

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Streamlining Government with UBI Fairness Left and Right As a good controversialist, I’m always on the lookout for arguments that strengthen my advocacy for a Universal Basic Income. I am particularly interested in ‘justice’ arguments because fairness, far more than feasibility, is the sticking point for many people who have not delved deeply into the intricacies of this immensely important policy prescription. I got thinking again about fairness while I was listening to a lengthy rant on the radio the other day that, on the surface, had nothing to do with UBI. [...]

UBI is Liberation

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Liberation Not Slavery Universal Basic Income Frees Us to Pursue Meaningful Contributions In one of the more thoughtless, knee-jerk, poorly researched commentaries I have seen in some time,  Chris Nelson, a writer for the Calgary Herald, purports to slay the dragon of creeping socialism by slamming Universal Basic Income.  Among other things, he said,  “Of course we are told handing out money to those below a certain income threshold will save cash because it negates other current social assistance programs. But it won’t. Schemes like this never do… ...So, introducing a basic national [...]

The Future of Work

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The Future of Work - Part 1 Universal Basic Income In 1915 there were 22 million horses in the United States and most of them had jobs.  By 1960, there were 3 million horses in the U.S. bred mostly for the recreational pleasures of their human masters. Are we headed towards a future that sees large segments of the human workforce  permanently displaced like their former equine partners?  A future where workers do not migrate from one dying sector of the economy to a new and upcoming sector that needs the displaced [...]