UBI is Liberation

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Liberation Not Slavery Universal Basic Income Frees Us to Pursue Meaningful Contributions In one of the more thoughtless, knee-jerk, poorly researched commentaries I have seen in some time,  Chris Nelson, a writer for the Calgary Herald, purports to slay the dragon of creeping socialism by slamming Universal Basic Income.  Among other things, he said,  “Of course we are told handing out money to those below a certain income threshold will save cash because it negates other current social assistance programs. But it won’t. Schemes like this never do… ...So, introducing a basic national [...]

COVID vs the Flu

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COVID-19 Versus Influenza Just Plain Wrong Costs Lives What do we call people who think COVID is at worst a hoax, and at least over-hyped? They are not so much Corona deniers as they are diminishers. What’s the fuss?  Nothing out of the ordinary here. The annual flu kills more people worldwide than COVID has so far. Governments are either acting like old ladies with the vapors or plotting to restrict our freedoms for a host of nefarious reasons -- please fill in the blank with your favorite conspiracy theory.   To make [...]

America Great Again?

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Make America Great Again? What does that mean? What should it mean? I see the hats, and I see the tee-shirts. I see the eager faces, mostly white, not young -- ‘make America Great Again”, the logos read as the people gather, COVID defiant, at Trump rallies.   I hear Paul Simon’s lines echoing in my head, “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?  Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.”  There should be tee-shirts that say ‘I want the 1950s back’.  These Trumpers sense that America is in decline,  -- 'the [...]

Universal Basic Income

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Yes, a Universal Basic Income. The welfare state, as currently constituted, can’t handle what’s coming, and hasn't handled what's happened in the past forty years. The fragility of the structure has been evident for a while to those with eyes to see. It is not dealing effectively with the decline in permanent, well-paying, benefit-providing, full-time jobs. It is not responding well to the steady rise in income inequality since the 1970s. It is also wholly unprepared for the tsunami of job losses that are coming courtesy of what Martin Ford calls in his eponymous book, The Rise [...]

‘All’ or ‘Black’ Lives?

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'All Lives Matter'? Sigh. Bromides versus Calls-to-Action This back and forth between “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” puzzles me. It is everywhere in comment threads all over the web, but these statements are not at all congruent.  ‘All Lives Matter’ is a banal truism, a first-order motherhood statement, too broad to generate any action or advocacy. Can you seriously envision people marching in the streets carrying signs saying “murder is bad!” Who are we kidding here! Spectators would titter and yawn and go back to watching the Bachelorette. To broaden a problem [...]

What Leadership Is

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What Leadership Is From Lincoln to Trump During the height of the Civil War, cemetery construction was, of course, brisk. Some committee members charged with planning and location-finding for these proliferating grave sites approached Lincoln for some advice about a particular site. He said to them, "Put it where I can see it from the windows of my summer home. Thus, will I be reminded what my decisions cost." Can you imagine the Great Denier -- Donald Trump -- acting like the Great Emancipator? Two photographs of [...]