Brillig and Slithy Toves

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I have a friend who writes poetry. I find this admirable. Poetry is not exactly the signature art form of this young millennium. There are reasons for this, of course — most of them reflecting rather large gaps in the modern cultural curriculum. Most of us did not attend a hoighty-toighty Ivy League prep school and have not had, in our formative years, the good fortune to come across a Peter Keating  (the character played by the much lamented Robin Williams in Dead Poets’ Society). By the time we get to college, many of our literary habits [...]

Television as High Art

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If someone were to ask me where the most sophisticated, sustained and psychologically compelling explorations and evocations of the human condition (my definition of high art) are coming from here and now, I would say, wait for it, episodic television.  This statement will require a good deal of defence. Most culturally sophisticated types would place television far below poetry, theatre, novels, music and even movies as expressions of profound artistic endeavour.  I think they are wrong. The case for television can be made especially episodic television where characters develop and change -- the sort of things that [...]