My Bloggers Credo

Alright, let’s cut to the chase — I want to win a Bloggie with this new website. This shouldn’t be too hard since I created the Bloggies myself. The Bloggies are to go to those demonstrating excellence in issues and interests writing on the web created through smaller, non-commercial websites. I am still working on the statuette which currently depicts a wagging tongue and may be interpreted by some as vaguely obscene and possibly generate a lawsuit from the Rolling Stones.

I haven’t awarded myself a Bloggie yet because, in spite of the obvious wit and originality of my prose style, and the meaty substantiveness of my content, some of my former readers noted certain deficiencies: Such as my tendency to use arcane vocabulary, salt my content with obscure literary references and employ sentences that loop around several city blocks and climb nine flights of stairs before they find a period. I would like to thank those kindly commentators for their subtle remonstrances along the the lines of, “stop doing that, you stupid son of a ^&**(*.  I plan to do better this time.

I am already clearing a space on my fireplace for next year’s Bloggie — kind and gentle, and occasionally obsequious comments welcome.

There was a minor character in one of the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian I think it was, whose image in the decades old illustrated hard cover I treasured stays with me for some reason. It was the drawing of a talking bear who had the unfortunate habit of sucking on his paw while muttering ….. “I don`t quite understand.“ To all those who, when the world is too much with them, feel like sucking their paw and muttering in similar terms, I dedicate this web site.

My Goal with ChrisDictum

To contribute my quirky sense of the universe around me and within me to those who are as bemused by the follies, foibles and foolishness, as entranced by the wisdom, courage and creativity, and as moved by the tragedy and the comedy that surround us as am I. This site will be of special interest to all those who are occasionally overcome by hysterical giggles for no apparent reason.



dic·​tum | \ ˈdik-təm \
plural dicta \ ˈdik-​tə \ also dictums


1: a noteworthy statement: such as

a: a formal pronouncement of a principle, proposition, or opinion
    // awaiting the king’s dictum

b: an observation intended or regarded as authoritative
  // must follow the dictum “First, do no harm”

2: an expression of opinion on a point other than the precise issue involved in determining a case

From Merriam-Webster